Tailor-made Excursions


Explore forgotten places and hidden treasures to arouse awarness of the essential.

Do you have ideas for excursions but need a assistance organizing them? We have the experience to help you. Take a look at our website and feel free to contact us. We’ll help you find a solution tailored to your needs to create your dream excursion!

Freeride tour

Let the powdery snow swirl around you – live the Freeride adventure in wintery paradise!

1 – 3 days excursions. Accompanied by a guide we will move to different Freeride sites depending on the snow conditions.

Reconnect with Mother Nature


Easy walk through the fairytale forest of the crest of Jura. Accompanied by a specialist in the wild plants of the region, learn about these miracles of nature. Contact with animals of the forest guaranteed.

Cooking with camp fire. Sleep in the woods* – a uniquely unforgettable experience. The birds chirping and singing in the trees wake you up from a dream like experience. Swim in the beautiful river as a reward to yourself after a long hike.

This adventure is for adults, but also for children, who can complete their experience with a visit for a local farm, observation of bats, sleeping on straw, milking a goat, introduction to climbing or other fun activities.

* Possibility of overnight stay in a cabin.

Cruises on the lake

  • Observation cruise of fauna and flora with a solar boat
  • Moonlight cruise for lovers
  • Pilot a sailing boat and swim in the deepwater
  • Cruise on the 3 lakes Bienne / Morât / Neuchâtel
  • 2 days discovery cruise
  • Gourmet tasting cruise
  • Shopping cruise
  • Casinos cruise of Lake Geneva

In the air

  • Balloon Ride
  • Paragliding
  • Heliski

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Yoga at sunrise

Wake your senses up, listen to nature and feel the energy wash over your body… 

Enjoy the sunrise and appreciate the serenity it will bring you.

Just before sunrise, we’ll pick you up at your chalet or hotel and take you to the departure point. From there, walk in silence for approximately 20 minutes in the forest, then take your place at the sun’s azimuth, and start the yoga session.

Afterwards, the silent session finishes and you can discuss with the other participants and get to know each other over breakfast, served on site.


  • The best trail of Verbier
  • The waterways of Valais
  • Trail of 5 senses
  • Trail of vineyards
  • Trail of the chestnut forest


  • Guided visit of Sion
  • Visit of art galleries and artist’s studios
  • Night out at the Opera, Theatre, Casino – ask for the current schedule
  • Visit of museums and exhibitions
  • Tour of the most beautiful swiss Castels
  • Guided visit of Lausanne’s old town