Saillon – for wine lovers

On the right bank of the Rhone, between Martigny and Sion, the village of Saillon is a feast for the eyes. With cobblestone lanes criss-crossing the ancient city, it’s every nook and cranny will charm you. In the silence of a vaulted cave, partake in a tasting of mountain wines. Accompanied by the “vigneron” (wine maker), the creator of these exceptional wines, taste the different grape varieties of the region.

Leave Verbier at 4 pm.

« To appreciate wine, you need a sense of smell, a reasonably developed palette, and an eye for colour.The rest is nothing but experience and personal taste. »

Cyril Ray

Des paysages magnifiques

Price per person in CHF

Prices include private transportation, guidance, entrance fees and all benefits described above.
Outside food and beverages.

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